Nominate an Outstanding Professional for PRSA Nashville Recognition

Professional Recognition Opportunities:
Hercules, Mercury & Apollo Awards
PRSA Nashville recognizes communications and public relations professionals each year through individual award opportunities, which are presented at the Parthenon Awards Ceremony in April. Please find more information to learn how to nominate an admired colleague below.  
Hercules Award
Nominations Due: April 8
The Hercules Award, named for the Greek hero renowned for knowledge and strength, honors an individual with at least 10 years of experience who uses their professional talents for the benefit of the public relations profession.
Nominees will be judged on their contributions to PRSA, their profession and the community; the quality, creativity and effectiveness of their professional work; and the example they set through their ethical practices. Nominees must be a current or past PRSA member.
Please submit the Hercules Award Nomination Form.
Mercury Award
Nominations Due: April 8 
The Mercury Award, named for the Greek god of youth and dexterity, recognizes a PRSA member with less than 10 years of experience. The Mercury Award will be given to a young professional who has demonstrated accelerated progress in his or her career.
This individual must also demonstrate leadership potential through service to PRSA for at least one year, community involvement, and professionalism.
Please submit the  Mercury Award Nomination Form.
Apollo Award
Nominations Due: April 8
The Apollo Award for Communications Leadership, named for the Greek god of civilization and order, recognizes a Middle Tennessee executive who strives to implement sound communication practices in their organization and the community.
The primary responsibilities for the professional career of the nominee must be something other than communications or public relations.
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