The Role of Ethics in Today’s Professional World

When is the last time you accessed the Ethics Resource section of the PRSA website? For some, it may be within the past few months, for some a year or two, and for some perhaps longer. As ethics plays an important role in our day-to-day work both as public relations practitioners and members of PRSA, take a few minutes today to check it out. Here are just a few of the gems you will find there:

  • Ethics Case Studies outlining how other members have approached ethics challenges, including discussion guides to help frame the issues. ¬†Great for a staff development session.
  • A link to the free, on demand webinar Ethical Public Relations: Everyday Expectations
  • The PRSA EQ quiz to measure your own Ethics Quotient
  • Ethical Standard Advisories offering analysis on practice issues and challenges to provide practitioners with guidance to deal with new situations and circumstances as they arise.

What Does The PRSA Code of Ethics Mean To You?

Watch for insights from PRSA Nashville Chapter members in upcoming e-newsletters discussing what the Code of Ethics means to them. If you are interested in contributing, contact our chapter ethics officer, Aileen Katcher at

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