How to Prepare For A “They Did What?!!” Moment

Crisis Readiness Can Make The Difference

Crisis communications was the topic of PRSA Nashville’s July meeting at Saltine. Aileen Katcher, APR, Fellow PRSA and our chapter’s ethics officer, led the discussion on “How to Prepare for a ‘They Did What?!!’ Moment: Crisis Readiness Can Make The Difference.”

If your organization hasn’t already had a “they did what?!!” moment, they will. There is a 50% chance it will be caused by management and 30% chance an employee will cause it. Whatever the cause, crisis readiness is a bottom line issue. Having a plan and knowing how to use it can mean the difference between getting through it with minimal damage or suffering a costly loss due to disruption of the business.

In her presentation, Katcher used crises from current events as she provided the framework for how to create a crisis communications plan for your organization or clients.

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