PRSA Networking Event Benefits Students

NOTE: Special to PRSA Nashville from Belmont University student Morgan James. Get to know Belmont’s PRSSA chapter via their Facebook page.

As a PRSSA member, I recently attended a networking event hosted by PRSA Nashville at M.L. Rose Craft Beer & Burgers in Capital View near downtown Nashville. It was an opportunity for students to mingle with Nashville public relations professionals and learn more about their jobs, as well as make connections within the industry.

When I arrived they had name tags available to us at the front, I could order a free beverage (iced tea for me), and appetizers were being served to us. As the first networking event I attended, I met a good amount of industry professionals. PRSA is a great way to learn more about professions in the field, especially if you don’t know where you are headed with your degree. I learned about many different areas that people work in and the many opportunities in the public relations field.

I had the opportunity to talk to people from MP&F, DVL Seigenthaler and many more companies. Professionals at these companies gave me insight into what the job world is like, and some insight into how my degree can be utilized best. They even gave advice for certain certifications that employers look for. I learned about access to certain online databases and even got a feel for the culture of certain companies. This was extremely helpful for me as someone who has never been specifically focused on one profession or major. I was able to see the various opportunities presented to aspiring professionals.

Every time I attend a public relations event, the more I learn about available professional paths. The opportunities are truly endless as some professionals continue their careers in pursuits beyond public relations. Some professionals have careers in similar fields, and some are completely different, and this is the beauty of the major/profession. It doesn’t necessarily place you in one career, but rather opens you up to a group of possibilities in the communications field.

~ Morgan James is a junior public relations major at Belmont University, where she is double minoring in marketing and design communications (graphic design). She is active in Belmont PRSSA.

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